Network Consulting

stu2labs can help you architect your next network. I have experience developing a wide variety of networks from small Local Area Networks (LAN) to large, enterprise level Wide Area Networks. stulabs can help:

  • Organize and shape your acquisition strategy
  • Evaluate architecture proposals
  • Provide enterprise level advice
  • Develop network security strategy
  • Leverage Software Defined Networks

IPv6 Consulting

In September 2015, the American Registry for Internet Numbers handed out their last IPv4 address. This means new sites on the Internet must either buy IPv4 address space from somebody (expensive!), use cloud based resources or switch to IPv6. As more and more people switch to IPv6, you will eventually need to do the same.

stu2labs can help you make the transition by developing these key items for your organization:

  • IPv6 Address Plan
  • IPv6 Transition Plan
  • Acquisition strategy
  • Training

Most people use a 'dual stack' approach, which means you run both IPv6 and IPv4 on your network. This works fine, but remember - it's a transition mechanism. The goal is to fully transition.

Internet of Things

stu2labs can develop small, embedded systems for your Internet of Things (IoT) projects. I can help you prototype and design a variety of control systems. See my personal web pages for descriptions of past projects at: stu2 wiki.

  • Linux based systems
  • Arduino based systems
  • Raspberry PI systems
  • Java, C, Perl, Aruduino, C#, mySQL, node.js
  • MQTT Brokers
  • ESP-8266, ESP-32
  • Circuit Board Design
  • Circuit Board Assembly (Small Quantities)
  • MQTT Brokers
  • Amazon Web Services

Cloud Security Architecture

Connecting your corporate network to the cloud can be tricky, especially if you are in the Federal Government. Policies like the Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) architecture and FedRAMP create wide set of challenges and obstacles to overcome. I have experience developing security architectures and standards to help your organization securely connect to the cloud, while adhering to federal policies.

Radio System Consulting

I have experience developing radio systems, especially HF Radio, to support emergency services programs. Focus areas include:

  • Secure HF Radio System design
  • Radio coverage analysis (Radio Mobile)
  • Radio System Integration and design
  • Antenna Switching design
  • HF Antenna system design
  • Land Mobile Radio IP network system architecture and design

About stu2labs

stu2labs is a single owner LLC. I have over 35 years experience in the Federal Government, where I learned to navigate the complex political system to actually implement practical solutions. I'm an Electrical Engineer by training (VA Tech), but naturally moved into IT (networking) via the Navy Lab (civilian), Coast Guard Lab (civilian), Wildlife Crime Laboratory, Fish and Wildlife and as Deputy CTO for the Department of the Interior. Now, I focus on the 'in-between', where different technologies converge.

Some of my recent accomplishments include:

  • designing and building an enterprise wide area network for a cabinet level agency
  • building a network to support Radio over IP (P25 based radios)
  • lead the Department of Interior's IPv6 effort, including developing the IPv6 addressing plan
  • authoring a standard for implementing secure connections between federal networks and the cloud
  • developing a control system for KO Distilling
  • creating NIST 800-53 based security policy for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems
  • designing a prototype for a vessel monitoring system (IoT)
  • writing an E-mail system for sailors at sea and emergency communications
  • Co-author of NIST SP 800-207

While I've been busy in the federal space, I have been working on a wide variety of side projects. My notes and documentation are located on my personal web site at: stu2 wiki.

Why Stu2? My father's name is Stu. When the phone rang, we would hear, "Is Stu there?" and we had to ask, "Which one?" - thus, Stu2.